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Dear Kfarsghabi

It’s my privilege to be writing to you again as AKA President and to introduce you to our committees for 2014.  I’m also taking this opportunity to update you on a number of topics that we know may interest you.


Before we look at what’s ahead, allow me to firstly wholeheartedly thank our past president Danny Nehmeh, along with his Executive and Committee for their service and in particular for achieving the milestone set for them by the Community in selling our Clubhouse at 2a Amos Street Parramatta.  This was a difficult and thankless task and again I thank Danny for his leadership during this time.


On the sale, I can advise that we’re still on track for completion on the extended settlement date of 4th October 2014.

While the sale of Amos Street gives the Association a financial boost and allows us to retire our loan, it also presents us with another dilemma of finding a new Clubhouse.  We’ve started this process and are currently considering a number of options, along with reviewing other investment strategies that we believe will benefit the Community.  We’ll endeavour to update you on our progress as and when we can.


Another of our tasks this year is to encourage more engagement and communication within our Kfarsghab community, particularly through the use of social media.  Please connect with us via our website, email and Facebook.  We’re regularly posting content via all these mediums (see addresses details in our footer below).  We also have an extensive email list which continues to grow so if you’re not already receiving our emails and would like to, please email our secretary (refer address below).  We welcome your input, especially your ideas on functions and how we can improve our service to you.


On this front, I invite you and your families to show your support and join the Association as members, where you will enjoy voting rights and therefore a say in how things are run.  You’ll find a membership form attached or you can email our Secretary as above.

Also enclosed with this letter are details of upcoming functions in which we’ve tried to provide variety to please all ages.  Already this year we’ve had a number of successful events being the Easter Cabaret, Younger Set Trivia night and the Mothers Day High Tea.  Our Committees put quite a lot of effort in preparing these events and would like nothing more than to welcome you at them.


We’ve been asked to pass on a message from the Maronite Foundation under the direction of His Excellency, The Patriarch requesting Australian Lebanese Kfarsgahbi to register as Lebanese citizens.  This message goes out to all Kfarsghabi, no matter whether you are first, second or third generation Australians.  Surprisingly, the task has been made quite easy and in most cases can be done simply online. 


For further information please contact Zara Coorey on 0450 772 057 or via email (zaracoorey@yahoo.com.au).


Finally, we wish you and your families the best of health and look forward to catching up very soon.  God bless.


y Abraham

AKA President




Executive Committee


Ray Abraham

Vice President

David Maroon

Junior Vice President

Louis Hanna


Peter Abood

Assistant Treasurer

Simon Boulous


Arthur George

Assistant Secretary

Lee Malkoun

Main Committee

Adam Hanna

Joey Abood

Andrew Hanna

John Romanos

Anthony Romanos

Lee Elias

Assad Abood

Len Norman

Charbel Rizk

Neville Stanton

Danny Nehmeh

Nigel Haddad

Emil Haddad

Phillip Merhi

George Coorey

Ray Haddad

Jennifer Hanna

Salame Bechara

Jimmy Simon

Sean Merhi

Joe Rizk

Sol Abraham


Executive Committee


Nancy Shomar

Vice President

Marie Claire Maroon


Monica Abood


Monique George

Ladies Committee

Cheryl Sahyoun

Maureen Bechara

Deena Hanna

Rose Boulous

Josephine Romanos

Rosie Stanton

Marie Nehmeh

Veronica Abraham


Executive Committee


Jake Abraham

Vice President

Jordan Saad


Joe Moussa


Jack George

Younger Set Committee

Anita Joseph

Gabriel Budwee

Annette Boulous

Joe Merhi

Anycie Coorey

Joey Riakos

Charles Coorey

Joseph Coorey

Clare Maroon

Luke Abraham

Connie Maree

Paul Abraham

Emile Stanton

Richard Maroon





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