Dear fellow Kfarsghabi

The AKA Committee invites all Kfarsghabi to a forum to discuss the future direction of the Association.  This forum will be held on Sunday 24th July 2016 at 3:00pm at Our Lady of Lebanon Hall (Lower Ground Level), 40 Alice Street, Harris Park NSW.

Current situation

The AKA Committee is seeking to acquire a property to facilitate the secure investment of the funds held by AKA in a sustainable asset.  The Committee has identified the need to secure properties that appear to be financially sustainable and also present avenues of capital growth. Further, the committee is mindful of identifying properties that also may present as ideal clubhouses and/or headquarters for AKA, thus providing AKA with a possible home from which to base its operations.

Currently, Rule 42 of the Constitution of AKA does not allow the committee to make a “major decision” without first inviting all people of Kfarsghabi ancestry to participate in a discussion forum to ascertain whether consensus can be reached on that major decision.  The Committee’s intention to purchase an investment property would qualify as a major decision under Rule 42 of the Constitution.

Why have the forum?

In observing Rule 42 of the AKA Constitution, the AKA Committee invites all people of Kfarsghabi ancestry to participate in a discussion forum to ascertain whether consensus can be reached on a major decision to purchase an investment property that would exceed 10% of the Community’s assets.

At the same time, the AKA committee would like to facilitate a discussion around the changing of dates for Financial Year End and AGM/Elections to better align with the Australian Tax Office as well as the Association’s ability to run a full year of events.

What will be discussed in this forum?

In this forum, the Committee invites discussion on the following topics:

  • Should the AKA Committee be empowered by the financial members of AKA to spend more than 10% of the assets of AKA on an investment property?
  • Should the AKA change its Financial Year End from 31st December to 30th June?
  • Should the AKA change its Annual General Meeting and Elections from February each year to August each year?

Your attendance at the forum is important as it will help shape the future of the Kfarsghab Community in Australia.

On behalf of your 2016 committee, I extend my best wishes to you and your family and we look forward to seeing you at the forum and/or at one of our upcoming events.

Yours sincerely
Jimmy Simon
AKA President 2016